Coil lath

Coil lath

Coil lath

Ideal for reinforcing constructions along interior and exterior structures

Helps prevent cracking & reinforces stress lines

Available in 20m or 100m rollss

Available in 63mm, 100mm, 175mm, 225mm & 305mm


Coil lath and mesh are ideal for reinforcing constructions along interior and exterior structures. Lath and mesh can be used in ceilings or partitions to help prevent cracking in the plaster, or for reinforcing a known stress line where cracking may be more likely to occur. Used for timber support, metal support, and fixing to solid backgrounds.

All sizes available 20m or 100m rolls:

Galvanised steel 63mm

Galvanised steel 100mm

Galvanised steel 175mm

Galvanised steel 225mm

Galvanised steel 305mm

Stainless steel 63mm

Stainless steel 100mm

Stainless steel 175mm

Stainless steel 225mm


Galvanised manufactured from steel DX51.BSEN 10142 (g 275)

Stainless Steel manufactured from steel EN 10088-2 grade 1.4301 (standard supersedes BS1449 Part 2: 1983 grade 304 S15).

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100m Roll, 100mm, 175mm, 20m Roll, 225mm, 305mm, 63mm


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